Guessing the Mystery Word


What started out as a simplon-making-your-engagement-photo-shoot-great-with-studio-namu-4e exchange of chat, text messages turned out to be the best thing that has ever happened in my life.  I met Angel via Facebook last November 2010, she was a mutual friend of one of my high school batchmates, who also happens to be her 2nd cousin.  I added her up, exchanged “hi’s” and “hello’s” and from there on our love story started.  After months of courtship, she finally said “YES” to me on March 29, 2011.  It was the greatest feeling ever as my dream finally came true.

As what all couples experience, it was never easy for us.  We had our own share of ups and downs, we were never a candidate of “Best Couple of the Year” (if there’s such a thing..), but we always managed to surpass whatever misunderstandings and problems we have, and that is because of the love and respect that we have for each other.

Every January 1, her family and all her relatives would get together for their family reunion.  Last year (January 1, 2013), I remember saying to myself that in their next family reunion, I will make it the most unforgettable, most special night of her life as I plan to propose to her on that day.  I wanted to share that special moment in front of all her family and relatives, I wanted each and everyone of them to know that I plan on marrying Angel and of course ask for their approval first.  I had this one Tita of hers and her cousin who served as my confidante all throughout the planning process.  I had to think of a way, anything that will make this proposal as special as possible.  After so many options, I decided to have my proposal in a game that is so popular nowadays, “PINOY HENYO”.

Leading up to that day, last January 1, 2014, I had her Tita (my confidante) inform everyone that one of the games that will be played is “PINOY HENYO”, we joined that game, with her being the one who should guess the mystery word. The mystery word that she should guess is “Will you marry me?”, after the time limit lapsed, and I had her look on what’s written on the paper, everyone in the room started to clap, make “tili”, everyone was just so surprised and happy with what they saw.  That was my cue to kneel down and propose to her, when she said “YES”, I knew, right there and then, that every heartache that I had, every ups and downs we had, all those are so worth it because finally, I’ll get to marry the girl of my dreams…

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